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Brass Hourglass Eyes with Pupil

 Plated Brass Hourglass Eyes with Pupils.

Carded Fly Tying Tool Kit

 Carded fly tying tool kit, an ideal starter kit.

Clear Doulble Sided Silicone Fly Boxes

 Three sizes, Small, Medium & Large

Euro Tungsten Nymphs

 Euro Nymphs, Tungsten Slotted Beads

Fly Boxes Clear Double Sided

Clear Double Sided

Four Sizes

Fly/Lure Box

Fly/Lure Box

Full Slit Foam

Hawaiian Snaps

Unique scissor action, snap opens with finger pressure.

Mucilin A5 & A4

Mucilin Hourglass Liquid Silicone

Mucilin Floatant Green & Red

Line & Leader Floatant

Mucilin Quick Sink & Line Cleaner

Quick Sink & Fly Line Cleaner

Neck Fly Box Double Sided

Waterproof Small Neck Fly Box

No-Knot Eyelets

No-Knot Eyelet is a small barbed eyelet for leader connection.

No-Knot Fast Snaps

Excellent for changing lures or jig heads quickly. Very strong, made of spring steel.

Pacer Z Poxy

Z-Poxy is the very best two-part epoxy. Easy to mix, and cures in just 5 minutes.

Pearl and Prism Tape Packs

Pearl & Prism adhesive lure tape, available in 6 colours.

Pedestal Fly Vice Base

 Pedestal Vice Base

Silicone Triangular Slit Foam Fly Box

Silicone Triangular Slit Foam Fly Box


Thick and strong.