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Tiemco Butti-Gill

 85mm 35gr Slow Sinking.

Tiemco Deruzze

55mm 2.5g Floating and 70mm 4g Floating

Tiemco Hecate 7

 Multi Jointed Hard Bait

Length: 70mm
Weight: 4g class
Type: Floating

Tiemco Jumbo Cicada

This large profile cicada is a big bass specialist. 70mm 13g Floating

Tiemco Lonesome Sweeper

75mm 4.5g jointed surface lure.

Panic Cicada
Tiemco Panic Cicada Tiny

Available in two sizes, 30mm 2.2gr and 40mm 4gr Floating.

Tiemco Slug Fest

 Jointed 110mm Wake Bait.

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada

A soft foam bodied cicada imitation designed to catch species such as bream and bass. 40mm 4g Floating.

Tiemco Soft Shell Tiny Cicada

Soft foam body tiny cicada with synthetic legs. 34mm Floating 

Tiemco Sumari

This 90mm deep diving minnow is the lure for aggressive pluggin' anglers. Although it's floating, it grabs the water very well.

Tiny Cicada Bass Tune
Tiemco Tiny Cicada Bass Tune

 Silent cicada with silicone rubber legs. 34mm 2.7g Floating

Trick Trout Tiny Cicada
Tiemco Tiny Cicada Trick Trout

Trick Trout Tiny Cicada features folding wings, silent hard body construction and two trebles