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Palms Turn Pop


Looking for the perfect small popper for targeting whiting? Then look no further than the Palms Turn Pop AU.


These 50mm 4g poppers have been specifically developed for species here in Australia that require the best possible rigging to turn missed bites in to consistant hookups. Ultra-sharp, fine gauge assist hooks that have been bound and with fine limp cord on to the rear of these lures, with the addition of a couple rubber legs for attraction. These free-swinging assist hooks are extremely effective when species like whiting swipe at the lure from behind and convert a lot more bites to hookups both when the lure is being moved and when stationary.


The front of the lures are fitted with a small super sharp treble to pick up those fish that attack the head of the lure. Available in 6 natural fish catching colours, these lure perfectly represent a fleeing prawn skipping across the surface and are deadly on a host of species.

With 6 transparent colours in the series they cover all conditions: clear water, dirty water, bright light or low light.
50mm 4g Floating