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Palms Slow Blatt Cast

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Slow Blatt Cast profiles
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Palms slow blatt cast lures have become extremely popular for anglers fishing both in the freshwater and saltwater. The 20, 30 and even 40gram models have been a must have lure for social and tournament impoundment bass anglers over the last few years as they have been absolutely slaying the bass, accounting for the current world record from Somerset Dam. Both from the shore and from boats, anglers have had success slow rolling and hoping these lures through the schools of Australian Bass in impoundments all over the country. The 20grm models are rigged perfectly for bass as they have super sharp assists hooks to pin fish even with the most subtle of bites.

In the saltwater, anglers have targeted all manner of species from flathead in the shallows through to big pelagics in the deep-water. Shore based anglers have caught a whole manner of species from small species like bream from the sand all the way to big kingfish of the rocks. Boat anglers have found Palms Slow Blatts an absolute stand out jig for targeting demersal species as well as pelagic species. Some models may require heavier assists if targeting bigger species but the action and the quality of the jigs are a level above many others on the market.



The oval slow blatt has the slowest sink rate due to its flat shape, which creates a slow wide sink as the lures slowly plains to the bottom. The slow speed fall keeps the jig in the face of the target species and the wide action helps excite them to bite. Especially effective on Australian Bass in the freshwater and demersal species in low current waters in the saltwater. 60cm/sec sink rate.



The slim slow blatt in center balanced to give it a slow and stable fall. These jigs have fluttering fall that is erratic yet vertically straight. When jigged they are easy to work as the center balance has less weight resistance and has a great side to side action. 80cm/sec sink rate.



The wide slow blatt has the fastest most erratic sink of all the slow blatts and the smallest profile for weight. This is an advantage when fishing deeper water, faster current or when a super erratic action is required to excite a fish in to biting. More effort is required to work the wide’s as they are rear weighted, so heavier tackle may be needed. 90cm/sec sink rate.



Like the slim but longer and narrower, the long slow blatt has a similar fall but has a very wide side to side action when worked through the water column. These jigs have heavier assists as the action lends its self to targeting more aggressive species like kingfish that need more stopping power.



Rotating between profiles is an effective way to discover what the fish are more interested in on the day.


Available in 11 colours


Sizes: 20g, 30g, 40g, 60g