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Bucktail Deep Minnow

 H2O Fly tied on Gamakatsu SL 12S #2/0

H20 Baitfish Brush 5 inch.

Are ideal for baitfish imitations

H20 Polar Fibre Streamer Brush

This super soft brush is made out the original Polar Fibre and stainless steel wire to guarantee optimal results on the water.

H20 Rolling Bead Crab

Rolling Bead Crab - Sizes 4 and 2

H2O Angel Silk

A smooth, velvet soft fibre blended with fine strands of ‘angel hair’, it moves like marabou in the water.


 Idael for baitfish imitations, 2 pieces each 12".

H2O Baitfish Fade

Match the Baitfish with this two tone material.

H2O Bass Banger

Sold and packaged individually

H2O Bass Popping Bug

Sold and packaged individually

H2O Bay Candy

Sold and packaged individually.

H2O Bendback

Extremely versatile in our estuaries as you can fish them slowly through mangrove roots and weed, along rocky foreshores and general estuary reef sysems.

Sizes 1/0-4/0 in four colour patterns. Sold and packaged individually.

H2O Brush Flies

Brush Flies - Sizes #2, #1/0, #4/0 and #6/0

Tied on Gamakatsu SL12S hooks

H2O Christmas Island Special

Christmas Island Special - Size 6

H2O Crystal Flesh

 Krystal Flesh by H2O is specifically made to tie life-like imitations of various baitfish.

H2O Deadly Dazzle

This is a fusion of H2O's extremely  popular Mirror Image fibre blended together with Super UV  Flash.

H2O Deadly Deceiver

Ideal for chasing pelagics like tailor, kingfish and tuna.

Tied on Gamakatsu SL12S #1/0 & 6/0 hooks

H2O Duck 'n Dive

Sold and packaged individually

H2O Epoxy Crab

 Epoxy Crab - Sizes 2 and 4

H2O Fish Scale

H2O's revolutionary baitfish fibre has an unbelievable realistic scale finish when emerged in water.

H2O Flash'N Slinky

The perfect blend of Slinky Fibre and Gliss'n Glow, it has just the right amount of shimmer and refraction.