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Dr.Slick Co.

Dr Slick Bug Jelly

 Floatant, .5 fl oz

Dr Slick Mitten Clamp Gift Sets

 Mitten or Mitten Scissor Clamp Gift Set

Dr Slick Net Mag

 NETMAG Net Holder

Dr. Slick Dry Float

 Dry Float 1oz

Dr.Slick All Purpose Scissors

These 4 inch scissors are for general purpose use and have serrated blades for natural and synthetic materials.

Dr.Slick Arrow Scissors

Perhaps the 'standard' small fly scissors, they are 3.5 inches and have a fine short point.

Barb Clamp in gold loop
Dr.Slick Barb Clamp

Available in 2 finishes with powerful shanks and smooth jaws these short clamps excel at barb crushing.

Dr.Slick Barb Pliers
Dr.Slick Barb Pliers

A crushing beast, these 5" pliers are designed to handle the destruction of most hook barbs in fresh and salt water.

Dr.Slick Barracuda Pliers

Designed with side cutters for cutting monofilament and light wire up to 20lbs.

Dr.Slick Bead Tweezers
Dr.Slick Bead Tweezers

The unique arrow head design allows these 4" self closing tweezers to grip any size beads or cones.

Dr.Slick Bent Shaft Scissors

Available in Arrow, All Purpose and Hair models with a bent shaft allowing the scissors to be easily picked up and sit comfortably in the hand. 

Dr.Slick Bishop Tweezers
Dr.Slick Bishop Tweezers

These 4" tweezers are indispensible on the bench for for picking up hooks, hackles or beads.

Dr.Slick Bobbin Threader
Dr.Slick Bobbin Threader

This bobbin threader has a built-in half hitch tool and is used to pull your thread through the bobbin tube. 

Dr.Slick Bodkin
Dr.Slick Bodkin

Used to apply head cement, tease materials on a fly, or excute a half hitch. 

Dr.Slick Braid Scissors

Designed specifically for cutting modern braided lines, they have black loop handles and straight blades.

Dr.Slick Bullet Head Pliers

Rounded jaws give these pliers exceptional grip for reshaping or removing hooks.

4 inch  Bobbin
Dr.Slick Ceramic Bobbins

Ceramic bobbins offering far greater durability, essential for tying ultra fine threads.

Dr.Slick Chain Nose Pliers

The long finely tapered needle nose and sharp edged teeth give exceptional grip for reshaping or removing hooks.

black finish
Dr.Slick Clamp

Available straight or curved in 4 sizes with a gold loop or black finish, they're designed to handle all your streamside tasks.

Dr.Slick Clamp Buddy

 9" Full-Swivel Bungee Lanyards.