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Biwaa Baltik Paddle Tail

 This 7" paddle tail is ideal for barramundi, jewfish and cod.

Biwaa Deus

Spear paddle tail design for incredible action at any speed.

Sizes: 3", 4", 5" & 6".

Biwaa Kapsiz

5", 4" & 3"  lifelike paddle tail shad with realistic detailing and a strong side to side action.

Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 6" Rigged


43grams rigged

Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 9" Rigged

 Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 9" 

135grams Rigged, 13 Colours.

Biwaa Kapsiz Kast 7.5" and 12"

7.5" (190mm) 2.75oz Rigged

12" (305mm) 8.75oz Rigged

Biwaa Raffal

 A silent, solid resin glide. Full wire through harness and strong SW hooks. 4", 5" & 6"

Biwaa Rigged SubMission Shad

 8",  90 gram Rigged.

Biwaa S'Trout

3.5" 8g Sinking

5.5" 29g Sinking

7.5" 85g Sinking

Biwaa Seven

4"   17g Sinking

5"   35g Sinking

7" 105g Sinking

Biwaa SubMission Shad

 Sizes: 3", 4", 5", 8"

Biwaa Swimbass

This 6" multi-segmented slow sinking swimbait can withstand over 100 pounds and offers a versatile presentation to match the conditions of your fishing.

Biwaa TailGunR Curly

Available in 2.5" and 3.5"

Very durable and streachy, 20X tougher material.

B2A shrimp scent formula, UV reactive.